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Floating Video Tours

If a picture’s worth 1,000 words...our video tours are worth over 9 million! Why spend time reading about a care facility on other sites when you can take a full walkthrough tour without ever leaving your home or office? Now you can!

See, feel, and experience the facilities before ever visiting in person. Now that’s easy.


Contact Facility Owners Directly, Not Agencies

We never sell or share your contact information. Many websites out there require you to enter your contact info before you’re ready... and then they sell your information to placement agencies. These agencies charge facility owners up to100% of the first month's rent as a finders fee.

We put you in direct contact with the owners and administrators of your facilities of choice, only after you give us permission by clicking the button found on each facility profile page.


Decision Making Information Fast & Easy

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

We’ve made it easy to see the most important information right on the search results page. Scroll quickly down the page to see the number of beds available, distance from your search location, and how long ago that information was updated.

Custom Sort Your Results

Click once to sort by Decending order. Click a second time to sort by Ascending order.
Now you can find what you want and need faster than ever



What’s Near?

Maps allow you to see what’s around and how far a facility is from your favorite freeways, shopping areas, and even friends and loved ones.

We’ve included a map view on every search result, profile page,and even your favorites page to make sure you never get lost!

See What Others are Saying


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What do they offer?

It takes a lot to choose the right care facility.
We’ve included all of the amenities and pricing
information right on the profile page.

Facility owners can update this informaiton any
time they add a new service or payment option.

Find out if they are the right fit and see all the
details about their location including payment option, pricing, levels of care, therapy programs
and much more.

Save and Share your Favorites

Registered users can save their favorite video tours and share them with family anywhere in
the country. Finding a care home has now become a family affair instead of a one man show.


Make Notes

There are so many options to choose from, so we’ve made it simple to save your favorites and include your own notes.

When you come back to review your favorites, you can quickly remember why you liked a particular location by reading the notes you made when you saved it as a favorite.


Take a Drive

After you’ve narrowed your choices and made a decision to visit the top locations on yourfavorites list, we’ve made it easy to print the entire list to take with you for your first in person meetings.