You’re driving traffic to your site and paying for online ads, but now what?
Late Living closes the gap to engage your prospects so you can close more deals.

Floating Motion Video tours are the industry’s best lead engagement tools

Powerful Video Analytics automatically filter prospects and send daily reports is the first all-video based directory for the senior living industry

How It Works

Automatic Results

Engage, Filter and Follow-Up Automatically


Engage with Video

Floating Motion videos engage clients like no other video can.  Unlike a 360 tour or a promotional video, Floating Motion videos allow prospects to feel what it’s like to really be there in person.

Floating Motion videos engage visitors 3 times better than any other video content.

Award Winning Web Engagement for Senior Living

Convert & Filter

The website visitor is requested to enter their email address during video playback. One quarter of all viewers will enter their email address, which allows you to filter out your best prospects and focus on them, rather than chasing leads who may never convert.


Viewer Heatmaps

After a viewer enters their email address, they are logged in the analytics system.  From that point forward, a heatmap will be generated for their engagement with your video, showing you where they were the most interested.


Follow Up 24/7 

Floating Motion video walk throughs engage clients like no other video can.  Not a 360 tour and not a promotional video, allow prospects to feel what it’s like to really be there in person.

Let’s talk about Google’s

The old way of

doing business

was great, and it worked

for a really, really long time.

But, things gradually changed…

Since the rise of the internet, the standard model has been changing.

The NEW way of doing business is to send marketing, then allow leads to conduct their own research through internet searches, social media, reading reviews, and watching videos.

Floating Motion Video Tours

Engage with your leads like never before utilizing the unique video style of a smooth and comprehensive video tour.

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Magnetic Marketing Video Analytics

The most powerful lead filtering tool on the internet reduces workload, improves productivity, and delivers automatic reports.
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The world’s first all-video based directory combining senior living, senior resources, and skilled nursing into one place.

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